Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial Pre-University College

The Nitte Education Trust was founded in the year 1979 by Justice K.S. Hegde, Judge of Supreme Court of India and Speaker of Lok Sabha, Justice Hegde strongly believed that education is pivotal to the overall progress of a community and this vision saw the birth of the Nitte Education Trust. After the demise of the founder, his son, Shri. N. V. Hegde has taken up the task of transforming his dreams into reality. The Trust has three sprawling campuses at Bangalore, Mangalore, and Nitte. Comprising 26 Institutions with 6 Health Sciences Institution including a Medical college with 715-bed teaching hospital, a Dental college, 2 Engineering colleges, 3 Management and a host of Schools and Colleges. Alongside, the Trust continuously strives to improve the quality of life of the socially and economically disadvantaged through various community development projects.

Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial Pre-University College, Mangalore was established during the year 1998-1999, in memory of the late Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya, a distinguished philanthropic medical professional, who strived for rural education and health care.

It shall be our endeavor to provide students with facilities to create a conducive atmosphere for studies and to encourage all round growth and development of students. We shall strive to do well as our beloved founder, late Justice K S Hegde had said, "You have done well but, must do still better."

The college which was shifted from Deralakatte to Nanthoor, Mangalore in 2006-07 has been offering quality education for the past 8 years.

Our Ideals

To impart quality education and to inculcate among the students the values of Jnana (Knowledge), Sheela (Character) and Ekatha (Unity).

  • To develop love for the motherland and respect for elders.
  • To create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and co-operation.
  • To increase awareness on the importance of protecting our environment and to develop a scientific outlook.
  • To develop among the students the ability to stand on their feet and to make them an asset to their nation.