News from Dr. N.S.A.M PU College, Mangaluru | NSS Day

Sep 29, 2020

Dr. NSAM PU College, Nanthoor, observed NSS Day on 24th September 2020. Addressing the gathering, Principal Dr. Naveen Shetty K said that NSS instills in students the feeling of community. He also said that if there is anyone who understands the motto "Not Me But You", it could only be an NSS Volunteer. "If students develop collective thinking and selflessness, it will benefit both society and the student". He also opined that it is wrong to assume that students who enrol in NSS neglect their studies, instead NSS aids in the student's character building.

On the occasion, Mr. Vinay Fernandes and Dr. Charishma from Mangalore Round Table 115 and Mangalore Ladies Circle-82, both service organizations gifted mobile phones to two talented students to ensure they are not deprived of online learning. 

The program concluded with a short video of all the NSS activities of the previous year which was viewed by students virtually. Both teaching and non-teaching faculty participated in the program.