Cyber crime Awareness Program

Mar 17, 2021

In the background of alarming increase in cyber crimes, the NSS unit of Dr. NSAM PU College, Mangalore organised a Cybercrime Awareness Program on 17th March 2021 at the college auditorium.

The resource person Shri. Savitrathej, Inspector, Kadri Police Station, Mangaluru said "Creating an awareness on cybercrimes among student population, is of crucial importance. We need to substantially improve our knowledge regarding internet safety and issues of illegal internet usage to prevent cybercrimes. Most crimes in recent days have been committed using computers as a tool." He further added that while some criminal cases have come to light, many have not. These crimes occur not only in our states but also at national and international levels. He expressed his regret that young people are behind such criminal activities.

Students were also made aware of different types of cybercrimes such as email bombing, hacking, salami, phishing, identity fraud, ATM skimming, web banking, cyberstalking, online lottery fraud etc.

Principal, Dr. Naveen Shetty in his presidential address said that in a number of cases, phone calls & messages of students are recorded and they are blackmailed on the basis of these records and video footages. He advised students to refrain from sending photographs to strangers on social network and sharing personal ideas with them, as it could get them into trouble.

The program was organized by the NSS officer Ms. Sandya with the support of Ms. Meera Crasta, Asst. NSS officer and NSS volunteers.