Self defense training programme

Mar 16, 2021

"It is one's responsibility to protect the society through self-defense. According to the recent statistics violence against women and cybercrimes are increasing day by day. In order to fight against this kind of exploitation, one must be aware of self-defense techniques", said Mr. Karthik S Kateel, Founder of Swaraksha for Women Trust, Mangalore on the occasion of the self-defense training program organized by the Child Protection & Prevention of Sexual Assault on Women Student Committee of Dr. NSAM PU College, Mangaluru at the college grounds on 16th March 2021.

Principal Dr. Naveen Shetty K, in his presidential speech said "Knowing self-defense techniques is a requirement in the present scenario. Our government provides special protection to ministers, judges, political, religious & social leaders. But it is impossible to provide such protection to every citizen. In such a situation, we need to learn self-defense techniques to protect ourselves and society".

In the next 75 minutes, Mr. Karthik S Kateel along with his mother Ms. Shobhalatha, demonstrated several self-defense techniques clearly explaining how women can hit back when attacked by a stranger or a group of people. As eyes, nose and neck are sensitive parts of the human body, these should be targeted by women to bring under control, a dangerous situation.

Around 490 students and 30 staff participated actively in the program which was coordinated by Ms. Suman, Lecturer in Computer Science. Ms. Sangeetha Shetty, Lecturer in Statistics was the MC and Ms. Shakunthala Shetty, Lecturer in Commerce delivered the vote of thanks.

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