Blood donation camp

Feb 26, 2022

"Blood is like Sanjivini. It cannot be manufactured and only comes from generous donors to save human lives. One should come forward voluntarily to donate blood for this noble cause", said Dr. Naveen Shetty K, Principal after inaugurating the KMC blood donation camp held at Dr. NSAM PU College Mangaluru jointly organized by the NSS and Red Cross Units of the College on 26th February 2022.

Dr. Ranjitha, Medical Officer, KMC Hospital, Mangaluru brought awareness about shortage of blood. She emphasized that the purpose of blood donation camp is to select a suitable donor whose blood is safe to the recipients and who himself shall not in any way be harmed by blood donation. She further said that blood donation can save lives of innumerable persons and blood is very crucial for saving lives of those who have met with accidents. It is possible to save the lives of three people by donating blood, she added.

A team of doctors and nurses came for the collection of blood. A Certificate of Appreciation was handed over to the Principal of the College on behalf of KMC Hospital. 72 units of blood were donated by both students of 18 years age and outsiders.